Tratado Internacional Proteger e Restaurar a Mãe Terra



I stand with all my heart with the wisdom and truths laid out in this document. I stand with All Earth and All the Peoples of Earth.

Ruby Warren (Asheville, 2021-01-04)


we have to make these changes now

jan dixon (Hull, 2021-01-04)


This Treaty is of great significance

Katie Brown (Uralla , 2021-01-05)


It’s time for this collective agreement of living out of balance with Mother Earth to shift into a place of reverence

Chad Pavcovich (Seattle, 2021-01-05)


I’m signing because I love Sophia Gaia, out Divine Mother Earth, and I believe together in unity, we will restore and transform Her and all humanity back to its natural and holy condition.

Nina Krebbers (Armstrong, 2021-01-05)


I'm signing because we have to make serious changes to world food and social systems so that we can improve as human beings and realise our full potential to enhance the planet and not destroy it.

David Finney (Brighton, 2021-01-05)


I'm signing because I've been waiting what's seems forever to have this brought forward- thank you

Susan McDonald (Evergreen, 2021-01-05)


We need to preserve the lands for the future we have destroyed to much of it already God gave us this land and trusted us to take care of it !!!

Kenneth Hettinger (Asheboro, 2021-01-06)


We've exploited Mother Nature for WAAAYYYY too long! Give her a break!

Naijha Wright-Brown (Baltimore , 2021-01-06)


I am signing this petition because it is time for humanity to step up and reclaim their Sacred Sovereignty as members of the Circle for All Life who, in the Origins, committed to being stewards for all Life on this Mother Earth.

Debra Emmanuelle (Maine, 2021-01-07)


I'm signing because I resonate with the whole treaty and feel part of this collective convergence to restore Mother Earth! The time is now and Indigenous wisdom is much needed as those who've kept intimately in relationship with the land. Love and gratitude!!!

Nuno Da Silva (Faro, 2021-01-09)



Vera Guerreiro (Faro, 2021-01-09)


Truth and honour must prevail throughout our time and for the coming 100 generations ❤️ for love, gratitude, peace and power x

Corina Thornton (Cork, 2021-01-11)


We can solve the problems of the world by returning to organic natural laws and working together as sovereign beings, removing the corrupt power structures that have ruled us for centuries. There are natural human laws and it is time for them to be recognised in our world.

Stephanie Jarrett (Adelaide, 2021-01-11)


We must not exploit the earth but need to preserve nature for generations to come.

Kathryn Dolphin (Pilliga, 2021-01-13)


We are one

Paola Travierso (Turin, 2021-01-13)


I am signing because I am pro life environmentalist and wellness & health advocate.

Tracy Ford (New Brunswick, 2021-01-20)


I believe in it

Deb Williams (Sheffield, 2021-01-20)


Our Mother weeps. We must unite in protecting her.

Valerie Goodness (Corvallis, 2021-01-22)



Darcy Sessions (Takoma Park, 2021-01-22)


I am a member of the Human Family and I want the Earth to survive.

Arthur Ratcliffe (Silver City, 2021-01-22)


I'm signing because
this Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth
co-responds in details to my all life engagement until now and since my birth, 61 years ago.
This Treaty relates the Truth of our human situation today and offers the clear Vision of a possible healed Future for Mother Earth and each Spark of Life within Her.
Today 22nd of January 2021, Joëlle Élisabeth Allemand Pinto Ferreira

Joelle Ferreira (SALREU, 2021-01-22)


i fully support Mother Earth with my body, mind, heart, and soul, because we are all one. love unite us .

Alenka Slavinec (Ptuj, 2021-01-22)


We believe in protecting the earth and àll sentient beings

Gail Whitfield (Ipswich, 2021-01-22)


I am an indigenous member of the human family who wants to restore the world and our existence upon her to its healthy state.

Tammy Cadue (London, 2021-01-22)


Our Mother Earth matters! Life living and all creatures..

Donna Grimard (Sarnia, 2021-01-22)


I believe

Mary Sue Robinet (Barrie, 2021-01-22)


I believe in the interconnection of all life. It is time to be the ones we have been waiting for to create the world that understands and respects the common good for all - including our common home and all species.

Juliana de Tarnowsky (La Grange Park, 2021-01-22)



Sandra Afonso Costa (Faro , 2021-01-23)


I am signing this document as a Member of the Human Family and fully align with and support every word. So mote it Be.

Rita Pieniniemi (Tiny, 2021-01-23)


I am passionate about protecting/restoring our Mother Earth.

Patricia Keene (Scarborough, 2021-01-28)


The Indigenous world-view is
the powerful guidance we need now to keep the earth alive.

bonnie bick (Oxon Hill, 2021-02-04)


I am committed.

Janet PIPER (Gustine, 2021-02-06)


It’s time

Jason Kelly (Melbourne , 2021-02-25)


Mother Earth is ALL of our Mothers. It's time to give her the respect, honor, and reverence due her and all her children. We must protect ALL of life, beginning with those most vulnerable (the animals) and those most disrespected (indigenous people and POC), then all children and mothers/fathers... Let us do this and the world will be sane again.

Summer Rose Hirsch (Santa Cruz, 2021-04-01)


We have to stand together and protect our mother Earth. It is urgent!

Lene Henriksen (Fanø, 2021-04-02)


I feel a deep spiritual connection to Indigenous people and with Mother Earth. I believe the teachings are sacred and I want to be part of all life on earth as I was meant to be.

Joyce Jeffries (Bloomington IN USA, 2021-04-15)


Thank you for defending all life on earth including our animal family <3

Emek Echo (Los Angeles, 2021-04-24)


I am Pure Vegetarian

Ananda Bhat (Ormond Beach, 2021-04-24)


Member of the Human Family of Mother Earth

Rita Maske (Berlin, 2021-04-25)


Nothing else matters.

Nancy Boulton (Lethbridge, 2021-04-25)


Killing animals is killing the planet.

Ileana Dell'Arciprete (Brookline, 2021-04-26)


We must take a stand as well its all lifes truly means.

Michael Wauschek (Cerritos, 2021-04-28)


It's just the right thing to do.

Stephanie O'Donnell (San Anselmo, 2021-08-24)


I am a grandmother and a human rights defender and have dedicated my life to cultivate pathways to peace and harmony with our mother earth. I am grateful for this Treaty and will share it widely...

Josephine Grey (Toronto, 2021-08-25)


I Am also guided by Sacred Teachings and Spiritual Dierection, and dedicated to using my energy for healing and developing myself and my web of relationships in our world, and the way I and I live with Earth Mother.
Blessed Love, Peace, and Respect I Am Little Fire Always Burnining

Willi Nolan-Campbell (Accompong, 2021-08-26)


this is so long overdue and a key to ensuring that we will survive as a species and that other species do and the earth can regenerate herself.

Jane Norton (Durham, 2021-11-06)


I'm signing because Gaia asks us to be regenerative beings - this treaty sets out the actions and agreements that we need to do this.

Marilyn Hamilton (Forres, 2021-11-09)


I am so happy, inspired and hopeful to come together to love and restore our mother earth.

Nadia Mejjati Perez (Escueillens, 2021-11-12)


I'm signing because without this paradigm shift, the human race will be hard pressed to survive into the future.

Amy Anderson (Micanopy, 2023-06-10)


We only have one planet Earth - our Mother. We must be good citizens, caring communities that value and respect all life.

Katya D'Oray (Dartmoor , 2023-06-11)

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