Build an upgraded, modern, aquatic facility on the Kilsyth Centenary Pool site in VIC.

Rebuild the Kilsyth Pool VIC.

Persons signing this petition must live, work, study or do business in the Yarra Ranges Shire VIC and should include a valid address including a post code. Individuals must sign this Petition only once.
KCP_Aerial_picture_from_website.jpgWe propose that the Yarra Ranges Council (YRC) VIC build better aquatic facilities on the Kilsyth Pool site by:

  • Replacing the former dome with a solid structure.
  • Rebuilding the 50-meter pool.
  • Building a dedicated 25-meter pool for exercise, aerobics, and rehabilitation.
  • Revamping the spa, teaching pool, and toddler pool.

We propose that these aquatic facilities be indoor, heated, and open all year.   We propose that the YRC build better and more accessible facilities for change rooms, toilets, shower facilities and social interaction.

A recent YRC Survey showed that the Kilsyth Centenary Pool was the most visited and the most popular first choice of pool at 79.3% of respondents.  Only 28.9% of respondents had not visited the pool.  It is the most visited pool by the local schools who are regular repeat customers.

The Kilsyth Centenary Pool site has good infrastructure including parking, power, water, drainage and is close to public transport. It is essential to keep the aqua facility within the Kiloran Reserve precinct and near to the tennis courts, bowling club, football ovals, playgrounds, and the popular Mooroolbark Miniature Railway.

This petition rebuild request does not include any expansion into new gymnasiums, childcare facilities, wellness facilities, or cafes, however these may be considered by YRC in the future.

This aqua facility could be built at a relatively low cost and in a short timeframe.

Health & Well Being Objectives:

To allow the community to use their local Kilsyth Centenary Pool.

To allow the Lilydale Swimming Club to return to its local home pool.

To allow the Learn to Swim program to continue to provide classes for all ages and abilities at the pool.

To allow local schools to provide their compulsory swimming lessons and lifesaving skills as before.

To allow the aqua aerobics group to continue to provide group exercise.

To allow access for all abilities to the aqua facility.

Environmental Objectives:

To reduce carbon emissions by changing from gas & grid to electric solar & batteries, becoming Carbon Neutral.

To reduce carbon emissions by not having hundreds of people driving to other facilities for years.

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