DragonBall Sparking Zero: ToryBot Usable Character

Greetings, Bandai Namco,

With the announcement of the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Sparking Zero and the regular updates on characters, many fans and I share a common desire. With the sad farewell of Master Akira Toriyama, we would like to request the inclusion of a beloved character in the game. We respectfully ask that the ToryBot be added as a playable character, with each of its attacks representing one of Master Akira’s works, including Dragon Ball, Sandland, Dragon Quest, and Dr. Slump. This would be a beautiful tribute both to Master Akira and to us, the fans who love his stories, manga, and video games.

We hope that these words, which represent the feelings of all Toriyama fans, reach you. We ask that you be our Shenlong and grant this wish with care. We thank everyone who voted and Bandai Namco for your attention.

Sincerely, De LaHobia.

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