Time to take back our area. Restore order.

As members, residents and property owners of the Westgate community, we have been subjected to constant disturbance and harassment from a grouping in our area. Their behaviour has become unbearable and has caused significant distress to many residents in the area. We believe that it is time for action to be taken to remove this nuisance individuals from our community.

The following are just a few examples of the behaviour we have had to endure:

- Loud activity such as shouting and anti'social behaviour at all hours of the night, disturbing our sleep and causing disruption in our daily lives.

- Drinking and substance abuse within our public parks

- Verbal abuse directed towards residents when we have asked them to stop their disruptive behaviour.

- Refusal to comply with local bylaws regarding noise levels, and other community standards.

- Refusal to deter violent behavioir visiting impacting the community exposure of violence and volatile behaviour to children/families/residents

- Intimidation tactics such as threatening gestures intended to cause alarm to those who speak out against their behaviour.

- Carrying of dangerous weapons cause distress and disruption in our community.

- Attacks on residents property for no reason causing malious damage to property. (Cases currently before courts)

- Attacks on community members causing seriously body harm (Attempted murder case currently before court)

All the above and more has been ongoing over the last year.

We believe that this individual's actions are not only disruptive but also pose a threat to public safety. We fear for ourselves and our families' safety due to their aggressive behaviour.

We urge the court, local authorities, including law enforcement agencies and city officials, to take action against this individuals who rents property in our area.

They must be held accountable for their actions, which have caused significant harm within our community.

We call on you today as concerned citizens who want nothing more than peace in our neighborhood. Please take swift action against this nuisance individuals so that we can all enjoy a safe environment free from harassment and intimidation.

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